Steel siding and soffit.

Happy Holidays to ALL. Merry Christmas.

Our Radiant Barrier System Under Steel CladdingWe here at Maxwallpro llc wish to share our Gratitude to all past and future Clients, and Thank them for allowing us to make there homes Healthy Again. Our homes are a big investment and its hard to figure out what type of exterior Cladding we should use? Should we repaint our home? Its always a good idea to keep wood painted or stained to give it Longevity, believe it or not there are homes over 200 years old with mostly original Lumber. They were painted on a regular basis. Maybe we should try ceramic coatings? Clients have been reporting to us that they are getting 10 to 12 years out of that type of Paint Job. How about installing Fiber Cement Siding also known as Hardi Plank, If you do not want to paint and caulk on a regular basis not a good Idea. Then we have the option of Vinyl or Plastic Siding, We have to be careful with this one all different gauges of this from paper thin to very thick, prorated products to non prorated products. Then there is the MAXWALLPRO Steel Siding System, with all the flashings/ moldings for a watertight exterior. Kynar/Hylar Finished for a lifetime of protection. Now have 28 colors,Even Black see if you can find some Black vinyl siding. Maxwallpro is also very grateful for all of our Lending Partners to Fund the Improvements for all of our Clients. They are now offering all different types of plans to fit almost any Budget! So just because its the Holidays does not mean we are not working, We will be off Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day and working the others. In our Industry Rain days are our days off, we make hay while the Sun Shines. So this Holiday season lets all show Gratitude for all Things be it large or Small and Let,s all be Grateful to live in the best place in the World. AMERICA. Thanks for reading our Blog.