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1. Zero Down 100 Percent Funding
2. Eco Friendly
3. UL2218 Class 4 Hail Rated
4. Dade County Approved
5. 155 MPH Wind Warranty
6. Home Owners Insurance Discount
7. Lifetime Warranty
8. Increased Home Value

Lifetime Rubber Roof System

With the introduction of the new lifetime rubber roof system, the manufacturer is providing special incentives for two select homes per zip code. Two homes will be re-roofed at the plant's cost in exchange for certain advertising concessions:

1. Entire project to be documented from start to finish via video or photos.

2. Allow plant to place signage on property during project and a period of seven months thereafter.

3. Allow us to do a live interview with one of our marketing reps once the project is completed and share your thoughts about the furnished product.

Call today, mention Green Roof alternative project. Promo Code 7017